Canada Startup Visa PR Program - DBO Sponsored

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada.🍁Business minds who are Innovative, are capable to create jobs for Canadians and are well versed to compete in the Global Market.

Do you have an Innovative Business Idea or simply want to invest in an Idea?
With an idea you have, or follow our expertise to get support for a business idea from one of the designated organizations as listed on IRCC's website, you will be able to migrate permanently with your family to Canada.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for Canada Startup Visa:

1: Be co founder of a qualifying business (The business you have invested in with Visa Emperor)
2: Have minimum IELTS General CLB Level 5 (IELTS General L5 R4 S5 W5)
3: Have Enough Funds to secure 10% stake in the Startup company and show immigration that you can take care of your family and business in the first 52 weeks of your residency. (Approximately CAD$20,000-30,000 of liquid cash to show for PR and CAD$50,000-CAD$60,000 to invest and establish a Canadian Startup Company)

Canada Startup Visa PR Program with Guaranteed Sponsorship from (DBO)Designated Business Organization.

Visa Emperor’s Canada Startup Visa Program is designed for individuals with business idea to start and scale their businesses in Canada.


Starting a business abroad may require some cut throat researchand that is the reason we at Visa Emperor, arrange everything you need to build that highly scalable startup company in Canada.


Before Startup Idea Approval: In Home Country

 Free Eligibility Assessment and Acceptance

 Nurturing of the business Idea

 Business research

 International Standard Business plan

 Business Pitch Deck

 Application for Acceptance

 Profile Presentation to Designated Organization

After Idea Approval: In Home Country

 Getting you the Letter of Support

 Business Formation in Canada

 Shares allocation of the Startup

 Documents Preparation

 Work Visa Application for family

 PR Visa Application for Family


After Visa Approval: In Canada

• Business environment of Canada’s top Investors

• Facilities to support business compliance

• Co working space and meeting room access for 1 year

• Personal Card key for access

• Elegant Meeting rooms

• Fully Furnished space

• High Quality printer and scanner access

• Serviced Space

 Mentoring sessions from designated Incubators

• Operational and commercialization guidance

• Designated mentor for the Startup

• Access to top level team of associates, in Canada


Visa Emperor accepts companies and founders with diverse business backgrounds and at different stages of their startup journey.


Early stages of a start-up requires business coaching, mentoring and active participation from the people in the know how. Visa Emperor will help you plan and execute a business strategy which will help your business get long-term success.


Visa Emperor knows that getting involved with a network of successful business professionals who have ideas and direction to get you the desired results in the quickest time possible. Our team will help you in every way, starting from the idea of your new venture to making the visa application process easier and accessible for you and your family.




Free assessment of the Client’s personal probability of acceptance by an IRCC’s Designated Business Organisation.
After Successful Eligibility Assessment, we will be:
  1. Receiving and processing the Client’s application.
  2. Assessing the Client’s business and/or business idea’s probability of acceptance, feasibility, and competitiveness for the purposes of acceptance by a business organization designated by IRCC as applicable.
  3. Submitting the Client’s complete application to a business organization designated (DBO) by IRCC in Canada.
  4. Communicating with the Canadian DBO to schedule Client’s screening and acceptance interview.
  5. Training and coaching of the Client for the screening interview with a DBO.
  6. Assisting in successful completion of client’s screening interview and acceptance into a business program operated by DBO under IRCC.
  7. Collaboration with the business organization designated and defined by IRCC to assure the Client’s successful receipt of the Letter of Support(LOS).

Get answers to all your questions about the Canada Startup Visa by the mentor and business incubator from the York Institute of Entrepreneurship himself, click below to watch webinar by Entrepreneur Mentor Slava Apel explaining Canada Startup Visa in details and answering Visa Emperor's clients questions or read the Canada Startup visa success report.

Funds to Show for Canada Startup Visa PR Application

Family MembersFunds in CAD$In INR (Approximately)
Applicant + 1CAD$13,757INR8,38,609
Applicant + 2
Applicant + 3
Applicant + 4
Applicant + 5
Applicant + 6

Applicant + 7

For Each AdditionalCAD$3,707INR2,25,974


₹3,000,000.00PR SPONSORSHIP
  • ✔LOS in 45-60 days
  • ✔Work Visa in 3-4 months
  • ✔Followed by PR
  • ✔Total Price INR30,00,000
  • ✔Registration: INR10,00,000
  • ✔LOS: INR10,00,000
  • ✔PR LODGEMENT: INR10,00,000

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