L1 Business Executive Work Visa

This set of US visas is designed to transfer specialist into the United States for up to seven years.  This is a non immigrant visa.  This is aimed in particular at executives, managers  and business men and women.

This is a good way, for even relatively small business to be set up in the US. The initial outlay is not as great as that expected under the EB5 Investor Visa scheme.

This is also a good scheme for larger international companies and corporations based in the United States, to transfer Business Executives, with particular specialism into the US, without too much difficulty. 

The LA1 Executives and Managers Work Visa lays down strict requirements. This requires that the executive or manager has important supervisory roles in any company or the running of a particular department or sub division within a company. This can initially be for three years but can be extended out to seven years. 

You can combine both an initial LA1 visa with a later EBIC investment visa as an international manager or executive.  From there you can go on to getting an employment based immigrant visa and a Green Card.

L1  Business Executive Work Visa

The L1 class of non-immigrant visas are designed to allow companies to move and transfer managers, executives and business owners to transfer across to the United States, for a period of up to seven years. 

Is it possible to be granted a Green Card using the L1 executive work visa scheme?

The simple answer is yes, it is. You can be granted an employment based immigrant visa Green Card using a EBIC immigrant scheme as an international manager or executive. Your business will have to a established for at least a year before you can apply for a Green Card under this scheme.  This will then give you permanent residency. 

L-1A Managers and Executives Visa

The L1 Business Executive Work Visa falls under, specifically the L-1A  Managers and Executives Visa.

This visa has a very strict set of criteria that need to be met for a successful application.  A manager or executive is defined as someone who controls, plans, directs and organizes a business or organization. They direct other employees to make sure the goals and aims of a business or enterprise are achieved. The emphasis is not on people with specialist skills but with managers and executives who can oversee and direct an operation. Specialists such as computer programmers, engineers or physicians, should use the  L-1B Specialized Knowledge Staff Visa.  For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Visa Emperor. 

The role of the Manager

  • The manager has the following duties: He or she manages an enterprise or business. Is control of a sub-division, component or function of an organization.

  • Manages other employees within the organization, sub divisions and departments. Has authority over other professionals, specialists and managers .

  • Will have the authority to hire and fire staff as appropriate. 

  • However, will work with discretion in his or her dealings with professionals. 

Executive Duties

These include:

  • Has the responsibility to manage an organization. Alternatively, is responsible for a major part of a business or organization.

  • Has the responsibility for setting the aims and goals of an organization. 

  • Uses discretion in the day to day operation of an organization. The executive should look at the overall functioning of an organization. 

  • Will receive general guidance from chief executives, stockholder and the board of directors in the organization. 

L-1A Inter Company Transfer Executive or Manager

This allows a US company to send an executive or manager from one of its branch companies abroad to the United States.  Alternatively, this allows a foreign company to send a manager or executive to the United States. The aim being to set up a company in the United States. 

To do this the form I-129, the Petition for Non Immigrant Worker has to be filled in. This is something that Visa Emperor will gladly help you with. 

These are the general requirements needed for this visa:

  • You are part of a foreign organization, be it an affiliate, subsidiary or the parent company.  These are know as “qualifying organizations”.

  • That you will be or are currently an employer in the United States as well as a foreign country.  The company you run must be viable. It does not have to be involved with international trade. 

Running a business means actually providing goods, products and/or services in the United States. Setting up an office or operating as an agent does not qualify as running a business in the United States.

To qualify:

  • You must have been working in your role for at least a year or over a period of three years. This is before your admission to the United States. 

  • You are seeking to to provide an executive or managerial capacity in the same branch or for one of the qualifying organizations. 

Setting up an Office:

If a foreign employer is sending an employee across to set up a new office then:

  • There has to be an actual physical space that constitutes as an office. 

  • Again, the employee of the parent company, be it an executive or manager, has been employed for at least one year over a period of five years. 

  • The office will be operating with either an executive or a manager within a year.

Period you are Allowed to Stay

  • If you are setting up an office the initial period is one year.

  • For other employees the period is three years

  • You can add an additional two years until the limit of seven years is reached. 

General Considerations

There are a number of other technical factors that could also be looked into.  For further information, please contact Visa Emperor.

Also, your spouse and children may be eligible to come over with you. All documentation needs to be properly presented.  Much of modern immigration control is done on line.  Again, Visa Emperor can help you with this. There could be the need for police and medical checks. Plus, there will be charges that will have to be paid.


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