Visit Australia

Visit Australia with arrangements, visa application, and invitation along with all pre and post-landing services. This visa can be used by visitors in general, business visitors, and visiting your family. If you are Chinese, You can come with a registered tour company from the People’s Republic of China.


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Canada Express Entry Online Application

Express Entry is an online platform by the Canadian Immigration that is designed to speed up the visa process and ensure a secure and straightforward method of securing a Canadian permanent residency visa.

Canada Owner Operator Visa

You may start a new or purchase an existing business but your active shareholding should be more than fifty percent in the business and you should be irreplaceable for the proposed job. You may also be eligible for LMIA exemption under the entrepreneur, owner-operator work visa stream, given you are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Canada Entrepreneur Visa

Start or Buy a business in Canada through Canada Entrepreneur Visa and get settled there with family. Canada Entrepreneur Visa is a Province Sponsored Visa and does not have any Federal Allocations. Every province in Canada have their own entrepreneur program as per their local requirements and circumstances.

Study in Australia

Study in Australia with admissions, visa application, and working rights along with all pre and post-landing services. There are two main areas to concentrate. One is finding the right college and University that suits your needs and getting accepted by the institution. The second is getting through the visa application process.

Canada Startup Visa PR Sponsorship

Canada Startup Visa PR Program by Visa Emperor assures you Guaranteed Sponsorship from Designated Business Organisations. Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada and who have an innovative idea to build a DBO sponsored qualifying startup business.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada with admissions, visa application, and working rights along with all pre and post-landing services. Canada has a very high ranking internationally for education. For example, in the British Times Higher Educational, a well know educational periodical, Canada has eight of the world's best Universities.

Visit Canada

Canada visit visa arrangements including, invitation formatting, bookings, visa lodgement and more. There are two ways to apply for this visa, online or by using paper. To apply online you will need access to a digital camera or scanner to make electronic copies of any documents for uploading. Plus a valid credit card. You will need to send your email address.

USA L1 Executive Work Visa

The LA1 Executives and Managers Work Visa is for running or new business executive owners. This requires that the executive or manager has important supervisory roles in any company or the running of a particular department or sub division within a company. This can initially be for three years but can be extended out to seven years.

Canada Family Sponsored Visa

These are a set of visas to allow your relatives to come and stay with you permanently. They will be able to work, study and live in Canada.

Australia Graduate Engineers Work Visa (Subclass 476)

Graduate Engineers Work Visa (Subclass 476) is an ideal opportunity for a young person in engineering wanting to extend their experience in Australia.

US Visit Visa B1-B2

In the United States, the visitor visa is treated as a non-immigration visa. This will not be permanent. There are two categories of non-permanent visa, the Business Visa (B-1) and the visiting, pleasure or tourism Visa (B-2). There is a combination of both these visas, (B-1/B-2).

Study in USA

Study in USA with admissions, visa application, and working rights along with all pre and post-landing services. This could cover all aspects of education from kindergarten through to Postgraduate studies. Alternatively, this could a specific course in one particular skill area, such as improving your English, or learning.


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Australia Business Migration

Start or Buy a business in Australia through Australia BIIP 188 Visa and get settled there with family.This will allow you to manage and own a business in Australia. To invest and work as an entrepreneur.


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