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Australia Visitor visa (Subclass 600)

This visa is a good way of visiting Australia for a short visit. This is designed for both general visitors and business visitors to Australia.  This can be for a period of three, six or twelve months. The base charge for this visa ranges from $140 AUD to $1020 AUD. 

If you use an “evisitor”  (Subclass 651 visa) you do not have to pay for this visa.  This will apply to certain countries only. Another option is the Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601 visa).  This can be used with specific passports and  there is a  $20AUD service charge.

General Requirements
This visa can be used by visitors in general, business visitors, and visiting your family.  If you are Chinese, You can come with a registered tour company from the People’s Republic of China.

Processing Time

This will depend on the “stream” or type of visa you choose. This can be as quick as 48 hours for a Tourist Visa.  For 75% of applications, this usually works out at 17 days.  For a Business Visa, 75% are processed in 7 days and 90% in 14 days

The Documents You Will Need

General Visitor

A current passport is needed.  Make sure this is up to date and not close to its expiry date.  In which case it must be renewed.

There must be a “certified” copy of the biographical page of your passport. This is the page with your photograph.  You will also need to produce a  recent passport photograph, (35mm x 45mm), for each person in the application form. These photographs should be head and shoulders only.  They must be shot against a plain background. The expressions should be neutral. The name of each person should be written at the back of the photograph.

Certified copies of your birth certificates will also be needed. 

Character Requirements

This applies to anyone who has served in the armed forces in any particular country. You will need to send a certified copy of your service record and discharge papers. 

You will also need to show that you are just coming to Australia as a visitor.  You will need to show that you have sufficient fund.  This can include a bank statement, possibly your credit card limit, along with tax returns etc. .

You may also need a letter of invitation from relatives in Australia.  This could also include a letter from your employer, stating you will be going back to work. 


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