Graduate Engineers Work Visa (Subclass 476) 

This is an ideal opportunity for a young person in engineering wanting to extend their experience in Australia. You need to be under the age of 31. You should have graduated, in the last two years, from a recognized education establishment. This entitles you to work in Australia for 18 months.  The overall cost from the government is AUD$425. There is a 75% chance, if all your documentation is in order, that your application will be processed in 49 days.

Also,you should not already hold a Recognized Graduate visa (subclass 476) or a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa. Unless this was in connection with a family member.

This work visa will allow you to work, study and travel in Australia. You can be either inside or outside of Australia, when you make the application. 

You will need to show your language abilities. Plus pass the requirements for medical checks. You will need to be of good character. This will involve police checks.

Your degree must be either a Bachelor degree, a Masters degree, Doctoral degree (PhD), or a postgraduate diploma. 

You should have covered the following specialist areas and been a major focus:

  • material and mining engineering

  • plant engineering and mechanical production

  • electronics and electrical engineering

  • environmental engineering

  • chemical engineering

  • structural engineering

  • civil engineering.

You will need to check with the agency that is helping you with the application, to make sure that your university or college is recognized. All institutions recognized under the “Washing Accord” will be. There are specific institutions in certain countries that will also be recognized.

Again this will have to be checked. Affiliated institutions linked to recognized universities and colleges will not be accepted.

English Language Skills

If you are from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland, plus you have a valid passport, then you will meet the English Language requirements. Otherwise, you will have to pass a recognized English as a Foreign Language test. Again, full details of these can be supplied by your agency.

Health Requirements

You will need an authorized health examination prior to your visa application. This may vary from country to country.

Character Checks

You will need one for each country you have possibly lived in for more than 6 months.  This covers a period of 10 years. Wait until the Australian authorities contact you for these details. This will also apply to any accompanying family members. 

Debts to the Australian Government

There must be no outstanding debts to the Australian Government. Alternatively, you have made arrangements to pay any of these debts back. 

Family Members

You can also include your spouse or partner along with your children, or the step children of the spouse or partner. There must be full documentary evidence showing their relationship to you. Plus full medical and character checks for each family member. There will also be full medical checks needed, for each family member. 

How to Apply

You must have (and any family members) a valid and up to date passport. If your passport is about to go out of date, you must get it renewed prior to the application.

You will need all the documentation asked for by the Australian authorities. You will need to make “certified” copies of each document. A certified copy is a copy that has been authorized by an official and authorized lawyer or solicitor.  Do not send any original documents unless they are asked for. This might be the case with the police check documentation. Any translations into English must be done by a translator who is accredited. 

You may be asked for additional information. This could be if the information is incomplete or there might be the need for an X-ray, for example. 

You may also be asked to go to an interview. You will need your passport and possibly other identification, along with any relevant documentation that might be needed. 


If your visa has been accepted then you will be given a visa grant number, the dates you can use the visa and any conditions in respect to your visa.

If your visa application has been refused. You may be able to have this reviewed with the help of an immigration expert.

Any Changes 

If there are any changes in your circumstances during the visa application process  such as a change in your address, a new baby etc  You need to update the immigration.

Alternatively, you can print out Form 929 for changes in your address or passport, or Form 1022, for other changes in your circumstances.


Before going, it would be a good idea to do some research on the areas of engineering that match your skills and specialism.  Possibly, make contact with some companies and sound them out regarding a work placement, plus the chance to have some “hands on” experience.

Obviously, there are opportunities in the mining and extraction industries. However, Australia has an advanced economy operating in a variety of different fields.

Do not be put off by the via application process. It may seem pretty daunting at first. A good agency will provide help and guidance in filling out your application form.  They will highlight the areas that are important and documents you will need..

This will guarantee success in getting you an Australian work visa in engineering.


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