Study in USA

This is a very broad area. This could cover all aspects of education from kindergarten through to Postgraduate studies. Alternatively, this could a specific course in one particular skill area, such as improving your English, or learning.

Find Out Where To GO
To narrow this down. Starting with the assumption you are interested in undertaking a University course in the United States, you will need to make a number of decisions. You will be glad to hear that Visa Emperor is more than happy to help you with this. Any college or university must also be part of the Student Exchange Visitors Program. Again, Visa Emperor can help you with this, as certified educational establishments have to be registered with the US Department of Homeland Security.  

You will need to be clear what you want to study, where you want to study. Plus, how are your studies going to be paid for. It in deciding this then you have to take into consideration that the United States is a very large country.  The cost of living and funding for Colleges and Universities will vary. Mid Western and Southern States are generally less expensive.
Also for your application there may be specific requirements from each College or University for entrance requirements. You will need to get in contact with the College or University you are interested in. See if they and the course you are interested in is part of a Student Exchange Program, and see what the specific requirements may be needed. 

Visa Requirements
The visa you will have to apply for will be a nonimmigrant visa. There are two main nonimmigrant student visas.  These are the F-1 student visa and the M-1 student visa. Broadly, F-1  visas cover schools and colleges. These are academic courses. M-1 visas are for vocational, skills training and nonacademic courses.  

There is also a B-1 visa linked to a Visitor's Visa.  These are for vacation type courses, and should not be part of an accredited course.

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVM) and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
For those wishing to enroll in a US school then you will need to be part of the SEVM system. This applies to both “F-1 visa” and “M-1 visa” students.  For specific University and College opportunities contact Visa Emperor, for opportunities with the Department of State, Education USA.

Application Process
You will need to apply to one of the accredited SEVM schools.  Once accepted, you will then be entered onto the SEVIS information system.  There will be a SEVIS I-901 fee.  The school will then send you a Form I-20.  This will be needed, when you attend an interview with a US consulate official, as apart of the application process. Your spouse and/or any dependent children, can also be part of your general application.  They will each need to have a Form I-20.  They will not have to pay an addition SEVIS fee. 

A further form you may well need is a Training/Internship Placement Plan Form DS 7002. There will also probably be the need for an Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form DS-160.

This may all seem very daunting, but US immigration systems are very logical. Visa Emperor will be there to help you with any enquiries or problems. 

You must also have a passport that will remain valid, six months after your stay has been completed in the United States, and you need to return. If other people are noted down in your passport, then they must complete their own, separate application form. There are also strict passport photo requirements that need to be fulfilled.  Visa Emperor will gladly help you with any problems you might have with these requirements.

Anyone from the age of 14 through to 79 is expected to attend an interview at an American Embassy or Consulate in their home country. If you are 13 and younger, or 80 and older, you too may be expected to attend an interview, but this is not normally the case.
Applicants must convince any US consular official that they intend to return to their home countries once any course of study has been completed in the United States. You can be accompanied by your husband and wife along with any dependent children. Along with you, they will be expected to fill out Form DS- 2019. Visa Emperor can help you to arrange an interview time and date via the Visa Wait Times website.
During the interview you will be expected to give an “ink free” digital fingerprint. You will also be expected to pay a $160US non refundable interview fee.

A Summary Of The Forms That Will Be Needed For Your Interview. 

These include:

  • A valid passport

  • The confirmation page from the NonImmigration Visa Application Form DS-160

  • The receipt for payment of your interview.

  • A valid photo.  This could be one you already uploaded as part of the Non Immigration Visa Application Form DS-160, or actual photographs that conform to the necessary requirements.

Certificate of Eligibility Forms

Certificate of Eligibility Forms for F1 students or M1 students, along with Form I-20 in both cases, are needed.  The school you wish to attend has accepted you. At this point all your relevant information would have been entered onto the SEVIS database. The school will send you the Form I-20.  You and any school official must sign this form.  Your spouse and all minor dependent children, who want to come with you to the United States, must also be part of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Each individual will have their own Form I-20, for the interview.

Additional Documentation.
You may need additional documentation. These include degrees, transcripts, school diplomas and certificates from the Universities, Colleges and Schools you may have attended. You may have to produce American test scores for the colleges and schools you wish to attend. This is again something that Visa Emperor can help you with.
Again, departure dates will have to be confirmed. You will have to show that you can finance your studies and living expenses in the United States. Added this, there is the problem of where to stay etc. 

On Arrival
You need to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation and fulfill all the requirements needed. Border official, be they the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US customs and/or the Customs and Border Protection, (CBP), will need to be satisfied. You will get a stamp or paper Form I-94. This confirms your arrival to the United States

Yes, there is a lot of form filling, but with Visa Emperor's help taken step by step, you will get to your destination in the States and start your course of studies.



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