Visit Canada

Canada visit visa arrangements including, invitation formatting, bookings, visa lodgement and more. There are two ways to apply for this visa, online or by using paper. To apply online you will need access to a digital camera or scanner to make electronic copies of any documents for uploading. Plus a valid credit card. You will need to send your email address.

Visit Australia

Visit Australia with arrangements, visa application, and invitation along with all pre and post-landing services. This visa can be used by visitors in general, business visitors, and visiting your family. If you are Chinese, You can come with a registered tour company from the People’s Republic of China.

US Visit Visa B1-B2

In the United States, the visitor visa is treated as a non-immigration visa. This will not be permanent. There are two categories of non-permanent visa, the Business Visa (B-1) and the visiting, pleasure or tourism Visa (B-2). There is a combination of both these visas, (B-1/B-2).